Floor Care Tips

Well-maintained entrance mats can capture up to 70% of all the dirt that enters a building.
Always mop or autoscrub a floor prior to burnishing. NEVER burnish a dirty floor.
When stripping a floor, the floor must remain wet while the stripper is allowed dwell time.
When stripping a floor, it is important to tape off areas that you do not want the stripper to touch. A combination of tape and cardboard works well.
Large areas should be stripped in stages to make the job more manageable.
Save leftover stripper to clean the wringer from your finish bucket. This will keep all mop wringers in good condition.
Plastic liners are recommended for your finish bucket to prevent contaminants from getting in the floor finish.
Rayon or rayon blend mops work best for finish application.
To prevent floor finish buildup around the edges, do not apply finish wall-to-wall on every coat. Instead, stay six inches from the wall on intermediate coats.

Carpet Care

Well-maintained entrance mats can prevent up to 70% of dirt from entering a building.
Using a defoamer in the recovery tank of your extractor eliminates foam from other carpet cleaners.
Foam can damage or ruin a vacuum motor.
A carpet care program is important because waiting to clean carpet until it looks dirty is too long. A schedule of cleaning prevents carpet from looking dirty.
Using a recommended carpet cleaner with a bonnet can quickly clean surface soils from carpet.
Carpet fans help dry carpet after cleaning is complete.
Vacuuming is the first line of defense in carpet care.


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